Family Pictures - Archive

Our first ’family’ meeting, not more that two hours after birth - at Mt. Sinai

Katherine got to hold her, leads and all, in great part due to the diligent and persistant efforts of our labour & delivery nurse.

Sunday morning family shot (next day) at Sick Kids - NICU

Lovely hat and mitts knitted by Lorna (Katherine’s mother).  She looks SO good in pink! :)

Daddy’s girl!  It is certainly mutual too! :)

Momma’s little darling...can anyone measure a mother’s love?

Richard’s favorite shot, Elysha clapping Katherine’s finger

Giving Dad ’the look’...or maybe it’s gas?

Pleased to be parents, praying lots...

How good is the God we adore.  We love this precious gift from Him.

Home sweet home!  "Feeding is just plain hard work..."

Early Indoctrination? Not really, just giving credit where credit is due! :)

Ah...this is the fun/cute part!  What comes later ain’t so fun...

Mmmm...mummy’s milk & daddy’s hand and all under the Father’s watchful eye...could life get any better?

Katherine’s Dad: Sandy Smith (Grandpa)

Katherine’s Mum: Lorna Smith (Grandma)

Great Grampa Brooks

Three of four generation of "Brooks’"

Great Uncle Bill Brooks

Great Uncle Ed Brooks and "great" cousin Charity...  :)

As a tribute to Don & Elva Brooks (Richard’s parents) serving the Lord in Zambia, here is a shot Richard took of Katherine that looks very similar to a shot of Elva with Richard from over 30 years ago...[Richard: "I love you Mom & Dad!"]

Auntie Rachel (Richard’s sister) came to visit...

Christmas Eve, 2007 - CCCU Hospital for Sick Children

First ’cuddle’ in almost three weeks!

Dad and daughter - it’s been too long...

Quickly sound asleep in mother’s arms...

January 6th - our first year wedding anniversary.  Thank you Lord!

First trip outside the ward with our "Christmas Tree" in tow!


This is not a family shot really, but it was taken by a member of our family so we’ll post it here.  The Toronto Raptors visited Sick Kids...they are VERY tall!