Baby Pictures- Archive

Elysha Elizabeth Brooks...1 hour old still at Mt. Sinai! 

After she was transferred to Sick Kids - Intensive Care Unit

A shot of all the monitors etc. in the NICU at Sick Kids

Sleeping beauty...

A shot that we got while still in the NICU, but while holding her in our arms.  The little hat was knitted by Lorna (Katherine’s mother).

In her own room at Sick Kids...cute in pink - despite the leads...

Aww... :)

Staring at her favorite bear...it makes heart beat sounds (recorded noise from inside a womb)...has an amazing calming effect!

The soother and soothing bear... perfect addition to a hospital crib :)

Going HOME!!  Yee-haw!  (Ok, maybe that was her parents...she was more like...ZZzzzzzzzzzzz....)   :)

A shot from Rachel’s visit...

Who are you lookin’ at?  :)

Favorite toy...

Favorite past time...

ECG at Sick Kids - November 21

Tummy Time! 

Chatting with a new friend

Elysha’s room in the Cardiac Care ward...she is actually in the bed somewhere...

Wearing her surgical robe after getting a "scrubdown" with the antibacterial soap.

For post surgical pictures click on the links below.  Please be warned that some of these pictures may be difficult for some readers.

Post surgery 1

Post surgery 2

Christmas morning gifts from donations to Sick Kids - very special gesture and much appreciated! (more by the parents in our case)  Also a photo of ’santa’ and an ’elf’ at Elysha’s bedside (taken in the morning before we arrived).

A wonderful day with open eyes and sucking a soother (Dec 29)

Breathing tube (ventilator) removed and in a moisturized air and slightly oxygenated head-box.

Arms a little free off I/V lines and showing a few scars...ready for a bath.

Bathed and in a hospital gown...Soooo Cute! :)

In the stop down unit, enjoying her mobile.

PICC line inserted...the bright orange sticker on it is very intriguing!

Enjoying her first bottle feed in a month...all three millilitres she was allowed to eat.



Elysha’s smile is coming back!!!