Jessica - Month One

Jessica Johanna Brooks - Born by C-Section on Monday, December 8th, 2008 - 6lbs, 19inches long @ 2:49 PM.  Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

Although it was great for us to hear her healthy lungs (we could have just sat and listened to it for a while ~ a beautiful thing!)...she really doesn’t fuss much and her sleep patterns regulated quickly...great for Katherine’s recovery.

On Thursday we came home...our route passed the place where Jessica’s big sister Elysha was laid to rest.  It was a touching moment, and at the same time a reminder to us that the "family circle" will not always be "broken"! :)

Just to record her current length...could hardly remember that Elysha was once this small too!

A ’not so flattering’ shot of one aspect of ’home life’ :)

First Christmas

Three weeks old now...and very happy to be here!


Holding Daddy’s hand

Having sweet dreams

Listening to a story with Daddy (he was taking a break from work!)

Tuckered out after helping Mummy with the laundry!

Now one month old!

The toy on the right (a duck) has become a favourite.  The picture after this one shows just how much!